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Diagramming Lesson 2: Modifiers

Once you have figured out the core of the sentence (the simple subject and the simple predicate) you have a base diagram (from Lesson 1):

Now everything else branches off those two basic pieces.


Since adjectives describe or modify nouns, they branch off the noun. For example, in the sentence, "The tall girl has eaten." the adjectives "the" and "tall" describe the "girl." On the diagram, they are inserted on slanted lines underneath "girl."



Since adverbs describe or modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs, they branch off whatever they are describing. For example, in the sentence,"The very tall girl did not run particularly quickly." the adverb "very" modifies "tall"; "not" and "quickly" modify "run"; and "particularly" modifies "quickly." On the diagram, they are inserted on slanted lines underneath the words they modify.


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